Monash University (Australia) – Southeast University (China) Joint Master Program

About the Joint Master Program (Masters by course work)

The Monash University-Southeast University Joint Graduate School (JGS) is an Australia-China joint which aims at establishing a world-class research and training institute in China through a combined effort of Monash University (Monash) and Southeast University (SEU). Monash is authorized by the China Ministry of Education to be the first foreign university to receive a license to operate in China, in offering postgraduate degrees at the Masters level.

The JGS is located in Suzhou, which is a vibrant city in Jiangsu Province of East China. Transportation engineering is one of the best disciplines both in Monash and SEU. Currently, the joint program of master degree in Transportation Engineering is available. Students taking the dual Masters program at the JGS will graduate with both a Monash and SEU master degree after successfully completing their studies, which will be undertaken mainly on the Suzhou campus in China, with the opportunity of going to Monash Australia for one semester.

For the detailed information please refer to the Monash website as follows;,-china