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I am Dr. Inhi Kim, a founder of TUPA. TUPA dedicates our valuable time to improve our daily lives by providing solutions to urban and traffic problems.

TUPA used to operate in China and Australia and now we are based in Kongju National University, South Korea from September 1, 2020.

Tupa will continue to collaborate with the SEU-Monash joint research institute and Institute of Transport Study(ITS) at Monash University, Australia which is a leading transport institute at Monash University with a long history as the Key National Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Research in Transport Management recognised by the Australian Government.

TUPA has gained a range of advanced skills with a global perspective and develop more sustainable transport systems.

We are very excited to embrace a new chapter in Korea. I hope to communicate with all of you through this platform.

  • Sept. 2020 ~ Present : Kongju National University, Associate Professor
  • Sept. 2020 ~ Present : Monash University, Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Jan. 2019 ~ Aug. 2020: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Senior lecturer(Associate Professor)
  • Jan. 2015 ~ Dec. 2018: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Lecturer(Assistant Professor)
  • May. 2014 ~ Dec. 2014: Dept. of Civil & Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, Qatar University, Post Doc.
  • Aug. 2007 ~ Jan. 2012: PTV Group, UAE, Singapore, German, Australia


공주대학교 김인희 교수 

Dr. Inhi Kim