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We, Transport and Urban Planning Arena (Here, TUPA) dedicate our valuable time to improve our daily lives by providing solutions to urban and traffic problems.

TUPA consists of two research teams; one is in Clayton, Australia and the other is in Suzhou, China. The Clayton team does research aligned with Institute of Transport Study (ITS). ITS is a leading transport institute at Monash University with a long history as the Key National Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Research in Transport Management recognised by the Australian Government.

The Suzhou team is recently established to gain a range of advanced skills with a global perspective and develop more sustainable transport systems.

The Monash Suzhou campus was established in 2013 in an agreement with the best transport research centre in China, Southeast University as the first Australian university to be granted a licence to operate in China. The Suzhou campus conducts multi-disciplinary research projects in areas of strategic importance to industry in Australia and China.%ec%82%ac%eb%b3%b8-20150208_140154

 Dr. Inhi Kim