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BEST Presentation award from ITS conference

Join me in congratulating Tengfeng Lin (Ten) and @Jaeeun Jung from TUPA on getting the best presentation awards from the 2024 fall Korea ITS conference in Jeju!!!

  • Variational Autoencoder Spatial Temporal Graph Convolutional Network: 결측 데이터 기반 속도 예측을 위한 딥러닝 프레임워크 by Tengfeng Lin (Ten)
  • 강화학습을 이용한 자율협력주행차량(CAV) 기반 회전교차로 운영제어전략 by Jaeeun Jung

Young Scholar Award

I am happy to share good news with you all that @Donghyun Kwon got ” Young Scholar Award” by ‘MESH(Mobility Ecology Summit Hour)’. Based on his quality master’s thesis, he got this award. He was awarded 2 million won in prize money and a certificate!! Well done @Donghyun Kwon

TU Berlin – KAIST Seminar

We welcome Prof. Dr. Ing. Dietmar Göhlich and Prof. Sangyoung Park from TU Berlin. This is a biannual event at KAIST, where world-class researchers exchange research ideas and directions.

4 wonderful presentations were made as below;

  • Intelligent Mobility Solutions: Overview of current projects and research results at TU Berlin; Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Göhlich (TU Berlin)
  • Potential Issues in Infrastructure Planning for Emerging Mobility Modes; Speaker Prof. Jinwoo Lee (KAIST)
  • Electrification of transportation systems: Light-weight EVs to heavy-duty vehiclesSpeaker; Prof. Sangyoung Park (TU Berlin)
  • Power Electronics Technology for Mobility Electrification; Speaker: Prof. Kibum Park (KAIST)



Hyyncheol got the National Research Foundation (NRF)’s Graduate Student Research Encouragement Fund. He will carry out the research project titled “Developing an Aggressive Pedestrian Model for Autonomous Vehicle Safety Testing” from July of this year to June of next year, with a total research budget of 12 million won.


Hyuncheol Park Award


Hyuncheol was awarded by the Korean Society of Transportation for being a graduate with excellent academic performance in the field of transportation engineering and a promising future.

KAIST 원격제어기술 협력 MOU체결

카이스트 친환경스마트자동차연구센터와 한국과학기술정보연구원 (KISTI) 과학기술연구망센터 와 (주) 토렌토시스템즈와 (주) 이모션은 카이스트 문지캠퍼스 내 또는 외 장소에서 자율주행 테스트베드 구축 및 자율주행 기술개발을 위하여 상호협력에 관한 MOU를 맺었습니다. 

Startup Idea Contest

Transport group holds the 1st startup idea contest. 

  • Winner: A prize of Won 1,000,000: Dongmin Lee
  • Runner: A prize of Won 500,000: Yichan
  • 3rd: A prize of Won 200,000: Yiping

Deep Mobility Consortium

Deep Mobility ConsortiumDeep Mobility has been successfully made today with Daejeon City and many high-tech companies.

The Daejeon city mayor and president of KAIST attended to celebrate this event.

KAIST Q-Day Faculty Special Awards


Dr. Nicole Chen, Prof. Kitae Jang, and I as one team won the KAIST Q-Day Faculty Special Awards in the internationalization category in 2023.

KAIST confers special awards to faculty members who have contributed to creating a campus atmosphere that welcomes questions under the QAIST new culture strategy, and with outstanding achievements in creative education/research.