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Tupa Fall Picnic

2023 Fall Transport conference



Department sports event

NEW students BBQ

Tupa in Mud

2023 Mobility summer camp

NYU President Linda in KAIST



Teacher’s day


At the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show( , we exhibited the multi-agent metaverse platform on behalf of KAIST Cho Chun Sik Mobility Graduate School. The KAIST campus was made into a virtual environment for the children who visited our booth and the experience of exploring the campus by walking, running, and driving in the virtual environment.
The self-driving car developed by Prof. Dongsuk Kum( in our department used the campus as a test bed and trained as a safer vehicle. This is physically time-consuming and costly. Thousands of scenarios can be tested without limit by building a virtual environment, and situations that are very difficult in real life can be created in the virtual environment. These abnormal driving behaviors become very important input data for autonomous vehicles.
Our laboratory will continue to make efforts to create safer roads.

ITS World Congress 2022 in LA & LV & SC