A big congrats!!!

TUPA has 4 papers accepted by TRB 2023. This is a great achievement that our masters students finally make good research impacts. I hope TUPA doubles the research outcome next year!!!

  • TRBAM-23-02518, “Effects of Driver’s Braking Response by the Real-Time Pedestrian Scale Warning System” by Hyunchul Park, Taeho Oh, Inhi Kim
  • TRBAM-23-03949, “Robust Overtaking Behavior with Human Interaction in Multi-agent Driving Simulator Supported by Machine Learning” by Taeho Oh, Zhibin Li, Inhi Kim
  • TRBAM-23-00384, “Designing patrol ship routes based on multi data sources for marine environment” by Fatemeh Nourmohammadi, Zahra Nourmohammadi, Jinwoo Lee, Inhi Kim
  • TRBAM-23-02308, “Large-scale Network Imputation and Prediction of Traffic Volume based on Multi-source Data Collection System” by Donghyun Kwon, Changhee Lee, Inhi Kim