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Resilience, Infrastructure and Society


Although many strategies and policies have been advocated, either from the demand or supply aspect, to mitigate the traffic congestion, still, the problem remains to exist. A new perspective to visit the causes and to tackle this problem is urged. Extensive studies have revealed that the built environment can highly be associated with determining human spatial activities, especially automobile travel behaviors. Through travel behaviors, lead to the generation of traffic, which has an impact on traffic operation and control action. However, how the built environment directly influences the traffic performance (congestions and delays) have been rarely studied and lack of evidence.

In this context, this research aims to establish an in-depth understanding of the impacts of the built environment on traffic congestion at different spatial scales. Trying to answer the questions as 1) What built environment features are most relevant to the change of traffic congestion? 2) To what extent the change of the built environment features (by considering geographical scale) causes a difference in the traffic congestion level. 3) How can urban mobility and accessibility be optimized and enhanced via manipulating the design of the built environment? To address the above issues, the objectives of this research are 1) To synthesize the critical built environment indicators that hold accountable for the differences in traffic performance between areas; 2) To quantify the relationship of the built environment in raising the traffic congestion at different spatial scales; 3) To inform the built environment policy framework towards optimized transport planning and management .

By knowing this relationship, the outcome of this research can help guide the design of the urban/transportation planning policy for urban sprawl controls and mobility enhancement from the beginning design of the land use and the infrastructure implementation plaN.

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