I am pleased to announce that many research papers authored by our Master students are accepted by “The 17th COTA conference International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2017) ” which will be held during July 7-9, 2017, in Shanghai, China.

  1. Understanding road rage Insights from a synthesis of research by Xiaohui Xu, Hanyu Lin, Zihao Liu (All 2015) 
  2. Social media application for illegal parking problem by Bo Wang(2015)
  3. Modelling asymmetric and non-additive P&R schemes by Xiyuan Chen(2013, Phd)
  4. Analysis of Public Bicycle Sharing Network based on Complex Network Theory by Chunliang Wu (2015) and Yang Shao (2015)
  5. Perspectives of opening a gated community and its effect by Chaoqun Song(2014), Tian-Qi Gu(PhD)
  6. Analysis of Vehicle Stop-And-Go Driving Behaviors At Signalized Intersections by Sicong Zhu from Beijing Jiatong Univerity

I expect more papers are on the way to be accepted and will update more shortly. Well done all