A big achievement on research!

Monash university, Institute of Advanced Vehicle technology and JITRI secured research funding of 4 million RMB( AU$ 760,000). The project title is Green Travel Models in Smart Cities: Coordination studies and Integration Platform Project.

The research is led by Dr. Inhi Kim, Prof. Terry Liu from SEU and Prof. Yifan Dai from THU.

This 3 year project, Monash is planning to recruit 4 phd candidates doing research on a variety of sub topics. I look forward to working on this project and making a great impact on traffic problems.

Subtopics are as follows;

  1. Behavior analysis and demand forecasting based on multi-modal green travel
  2. System optimization and resource allocation based on multi-modal green travel
  3. Traffic control and demand management based on multi-modal green travel
  4. induced travel based on traffic big data
  5. Key technologies of cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems.