The 17th COTA conference International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2017) will be held during July 7-9, 2017, in Shanghai, China, jointly organized by Tongji University and Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA).  Thank you, my students for attending the conference to make wonderful presentations. I hope to see some of you in Beijing next year again!!!

From left Tian-Qi(PhD), Inhi, Bo, Catherine, Lilian, Xinyuan, Ray and Kai

An interesting layout to discuss among participants.

Perspectives of opening a gated community and its effect by  Tian-Qi Gu(PhD)

Analysis of Public Bicycle Sharing Network based on Complex Network Theory by Chunliang Wu (2015)

Kai (PhD)

Social media application for illegal parking problem by Bo Wang(2015)

  • Understanding road rage Insights from a synthesis of research by Xiaohui Xu  (2015)
  • Modelling asymmetric and non-additive P&R schemes by Xiyuan Chen(2013, Phd) also made good contributions

Our good friend, Terry also makes a presentation regarding big data and its applications

An exclusive reception organised by DiDi

Prof. Keechoo Chio from Ajoo University, South Korea delivers a presentation regarding cutting edge technique in transportation  on behalf of Korea Transport Society